Personal Training

At Performance U we believe in a down to earth, no-nonsense and revolutionary three-step personal training approach to help transform your body from ordinary to extraordinary.

Our passionate and experienced personal trainers at Performance U are committed to getting you into the best shape you’ve ever been. We are here to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals whether they are short or long term. We cater our training programs to your specific fitness objectives. Whether your goal is to put on muscle, lose weight or run a marathon, we can help you achieve it.

Before starting training, you will meet with your trainer who you will undergo an initial body fat assessment. Together, you and your personal fitness trainer will go through your training history, your current diet and training regime and the fitness goals you have set for yourself.  Your Performance U personal fitness trainer will tirelessly work with you every step of the way to get the results you desire.

Our Performance U personal fitness trainers are confident you will be amazed by how quickly you achieve results. Within weeks you’ll begin to see your body changing, your fitness improving and your energy returning! Our trainers are here to help you change your life forever.

$100 per session

  • $65 per session (45min) with Coach
  • $85 per session (60 min) with Body Transformation Coach
  • Full Nutritional Framework set, for sessions with  Transformation Coach
  • Discounts available for 2 on 1

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