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Performance U is a small group and personal training studio that focuses on traditional group strength training and individualised nutrition to transform your body and your life!

Personal Training

At Performance U, a personal training session is a workout like no other. We provide you with a one-on-one fitness experience with a qualified and committed personal trainer who's invested in your health.

Receive personalised fitness and dietary programs which will help you reach your fitness targets. You'll also have the ongoing opportunity to ask your personal trainer burning questions about your health and fitness. Our Rhodes personal trainers are your local source of knowledge and the push you need to meet each of your fitness and health goals.

Group Training

A Performance U group training session isn’t just about reaching your own goals, it’s about helping your fellow ‘gym-goers’ reach there’s as well. Our personal trainers provide group training sessions with a functional, dynamic approach to fitness through group motivation.

We have group strength training, group cardio training and more which all deliver a powerful, well-rounded workout for each of our participants. Join our Rhodes Gym community today and get the workout you’ve been looking for.

Member Self-Traning

A membership with Performance U means freedom to train how you choose. If you’re all about setting your own personal goals and then doing what it takes to achieve them, then, by all means, make it happen. Our Rhodes Gym has the equipment and facilities to suit everyone from the fresh-faced gym-goer to the seasoned expert.

But, always remember at Performance U, you never have to go it alone. Our personal fitness trainers are always there to provide advice and support. Any member self-training also has access to group strength training and testing as well as a recipe book to get your diet on the right track.

Gym Access

For those committed to staying fit and healthy on their time, Performance U offers regular gym access for a small weekly fee. Work out when you want to and get the most out of the unlimited access you’ll have to all of the gym equipment and facilities.

Get access to squat racks, sleds, benches, dumbbells, medicine balls, Olympic lifting platforms and more when you come in out of group training times. Performance U offers a welcoming community environment which prides itself on its dedicated and unwavering commitment to a healthier and better you.

Guys Only Program

Are you ready to test not only your body but your willpower as well? Performance U’s tailored ‘Guys Only’ elite training program is designed to put you to your limits. By pushing you to the edge, you’ll get the results you crave.

It’s just a 1-hour session with our skilled personal fitness trainers. The program is well worth the sore and aching muscles for a fine-tuned workout designed to deliver visible results for your body. Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

*When I first came to PerformanceU Mick told me they were not just a gym but whole of health coaches. He asked me about my health goals which was to lose 20kg (110kg) at the time.

Mick helped me with advice and guidance on nutrition, supplements, fluid  intake, sleep and a mixed weights and cardio routine. Within 6 months we achieved my goals. We then re-evaluated and set new goals. I can’t recommend Mick and the PerformanceU team highly enough. Truely whole health coaches.

*I’ve waged a war on my thighs my whole adult life, so I’m finding in amazing and also fascinating seeing my body change (and my legs shrink!) due to small dietary changes and daily supplements that have been prescribed to target imbalances in my body. Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it is; but after losing over 6% body fat in 9 weeks, I’m a believer!

*Mick helped me to achieve results I would never have been able to get close to by myself. His guidance and support really helped me conquer my biggest problem areas and look and feel amazing. Mick has extensive health and fitness knowledge and strives to make training session effective, interesting and fun.

You always leave the end of a session feeling better with yourself both physically and mentally but more importantly with a smile on your face counting down the hours until your next session.

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*Disclaimer: Results will vary from person to person. Strict adherence to a nutrition and exercise guide is strongly advised to achieve the best possible results.